Commission Questions

How do I get a quote on a doll?
You can find information for commissions by clicking on the COMMISIONS tab in the top menu bar and selecting GETTING STARTED option. You may email Sherri at [email protected] with your ideas for a custom figure or simply fill out the fields on the contact page with a brief message and Sherri will email you back.
Where are you located?
Wilmington North Carolina USA on the beautiful southeastern coast.
How long does it take to create a custom doll?
It depends entirely on the doll but generally 25-30 hours. The process does not necessarily happen in consecutive hours as factors such as drying time for costume draping and curing times for clays and paints are not included among these hours. So it is quite possible a doll could be on the work bench for several weeks from start to finish.
Can you make a seated doll?
Yes. It is best to have the chair the doll will be seated in when making the character. If you don’t have a chair, Colvin Dolls can help you select one from our supplier. A seated doll can be made without a chair, however the draping and pose is generally more pleasing when the doll is made to fit.
How can I see the dolls in person?
Sherri attends a minimum of 3 major miniature shows a year including Tom Bishop’s Chicago International Show and Philadelphia Miniaturia. Please see the show schedule on the contact page for more information.
Will you sell just the sculpted parts if I want to try to make my own miniature doll?
Yes. Sherri sells kits of her sculptures as well as supplies at www.minidollkit.com or you may email her with your requests and questions by filling out the fields on the contact page.
You make molds so are your dolls still One Of A Kind?
Yes. Sherri chooses to make molds of her sculpts for two reasons. The first is durability. Polymer clay is a very fragile material and tiny fingers and noses break far too often. When a figure is cast in high quality resin the risk of breaking is greatly reduced. The second reason is to be able to assure a customer gets the doll face they prefer. The identical face may be reproduced and the customer knows what it looks like beforehand. The doll will still be entirely unique as Sherri hand paints, assembles, poses, costumes and accessorizes each figure. Nothing is ever mass produced or outsourced with the exception of an occasional accessory. You are purchasing an Art Doll and all the uniqueness that comes with it.
What is your return policy?
Colvin Dolls guarantees 100% satisfaction with your doll or your money will be refunded minus shipping. There is a 15% restocking fee if doll is commissioned. Intent to return a doll must be submitted for approval via email, written letter or phone call, within 14 days of original shipping date to the customer by Colvin Dolls. The returned doll must be postage dated as shipped by customer within 7 days of return approval. Returned dolls must be in their original packaging and condition.
If any parts are damaged in the shipping process your doll will be repaired, if possible, for no charge. Please contact Sherri for further information.