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Colvin Dolls offers three different types of commission dolls.  First is a portrait doll made to a specific likeness, custom sculpted to resemble your photos or images of a relative  or friend.  Second is a custom order doll made to a specific likeness of a popular character from media or literature.  Third, is a re-orderable doll. This option includes dolls that are already in Colvin Dolls repertoire and can be re-made or a doll where you pick a face, hands and shoes that are already available, which most resembles the doll you wish created.   All three types of dolls are then painted, padded, dressed and wigged to complete the figure.  If you would like me to look at photos or images of a figure you have in mind, to see if I have similar faces already sculpted, I would be happy to do so.  Just send your images via email to [email protected].  Once I have your information, I provide you with a quote.  Prices are good for 90 days from quote.

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